Many times a Chapter 13 proceeding under the Federal Bankruptcy Law will stop a foreclosure and allow you to make up your arrearage to the mortgage holder(s) over a period of 30 to 36 months.

Chapter 13 is a proceeding under the Federal Bankruptcy Law where a person turns his or her debts, together with a plan for paying all or part of this debt, to the bankruptcy court. The law prevents the creditors from attempting to directly collect their claims, including the foreclosure of your home, and permits you to make regular installment payments to a court appointed Trustee. The arrearage on your mortgage, car payments, and other debts are paid through a Court-approved Chapter 13 Plan. A Chapter 13 will also help you get relief from your credit card bills, medical bills, and most types of unsecured debt. If you feel that your debts, including your mortgage, are overwhelming, you may want to consider a Chapter 7 case. A Chapter 7 will give you a fresh start.

In order to prevent the foreclosure, a case must be filed before the foreclosure sale takes place.

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